Triad CUSD2

What will Triad use CSFT revenue for?


The Board is committed to using 50% of sales tax revenue to REDUCE property taxes for citizens of the Triad School District.  Based on current estimates, this would mean that the Board of Education would be able to lower the property tax rate by 23 cents per year until the district’s long term debt is paid off.  This corresponds to a tax cut of $77 per $100,000 of property value  or a potential savings of:

  • $77 per year for a $100,000 home
  • $116 per year for a $150,000 home
  •  $154 per year for a $200,000 home
  •  $193 per year for a $250,000 home


One of the Board’s priorities is to provide a safe and positive
learning environment for all students.  While our facilities are kept in excellent shape, as buildings age, there are many facility related expenses that must be considered– always keeping student safety as the #1
priority.  Sales tax revenue would be spent on the following expenses:

  • Updated video camera systems at all buildings
  • Updated doors and locks at THS
  • Improved disabled access in all schools
  • Roof, sidewalk, and parking lot repair as needed
  • Improved traffic flow and vehicle access to TMS


With a secure stream of revenue, the district would be able to plan for projects
which might otherwise be impossible to complete.  All projects would be completed without needing to incur additional debt or to ask the voters to increase the property tax rate.  Potential projects would include:

  • Improved parking and entrance areas at TMS and Marine
  • Expanded cafeteria at TMS to meet the needs of growing enrollment
  • Improvements and additions on to our playgrounds at all elementary schools
  • Improvements and updates to our athletic facilities at THS and TMS
  • Improvements to and expanded spaces for fine arts at both THS and TMS
  • Preparations for future building expansions or build new facilities due to enrollment increases