CSFT In Other Counties

1cms-illinoiscountiesMadison County is not unique in trying to pass the 1 cent sales tax.  47 other counties in the State of Illinois have successfully passed CSFT.  Madison County neighbors Bond, Macoupin, and Jersey Counties have all passed it, and St. Clair County has it on the April 4th ballot.  This means that all of these 47 counties have visitors and non-residents helping to fund their schools and lower their property tax rates.  It is estimated that 30 to 40% of sales tax revenue in Madison County would come from visitors and non-residents.  This means that we can allow visitors to help lower our property tax rates and help fund our schools.

The Most Recent Results

While early on, some counties were unsuccessful in passing CSFT, this trend has changed drastically in recent years.  In the November 2016 election, CSFT was on the ballot in eight counties and ALL EIGHT COUNTIES PASSED THE MEASURE!  What has been the reason CSFT has become a popular option?  A major reason is property tax relief!  As property tax has become a more important issue, county residents have realized that CSFT offers a way for local school boards to provide financial relief to property owners and help to offset building and maintenance costs with a new stream of revenue.

We Cannot Count on the State of Illinois

The State of Illinois has put school districts in a terrible situation.  While Illinois legislators says that 2016-17 is the first time that K-12 education is being fully funded, that is not the case!  While districts are receiving General State Aid, no other payments have been made.  Districts rely on the State of Illinois for funding for special education, transportation, and pre-kindergarten and are still waiting on payments.  CSFT offers school districts a new source of revenue that does not flow through the State of Illinois.  Therefore, just like local property taxes, districts can count on sales tax revenue to come to districts on time.