East Alton-Wood River CHSD14

How will East Alton-Wood River use CSFT revenue?

  • EAWR District 14 is committing to approximately $1.5 Million in Life Safety projects with the expected adoption of our new 10-Year Plan.  These would have been bonds shouldered by our property taxpayers, but instead would be covered under the annual revenues of these County School Facilities Sales Tax (CSFST) receipts.


  • The high school also has tentative plans to use CSFST proceeds to provide air conditioning for Memorial Gymnasium, the indoor Courtyard in the East Building and in other areas not covered by last year’s Foundation donation for the window A/C units.
  • Also, if enough annual receipts are available, the district would consider constructing an outdoor (Morton-type) building for baseball/softball rainy-day practices so we can get our batting cage and portable pitcher’s mound out of the Memorial Gym stage on those rainy spring days.